The Spirit Seeker is deeply spiritual and is guided by divine inspiration, traveling great distances to retrieve those who have become lost or taken in battle and returning them safely home.


Statuaries come with jewelry:

#1- black necklace- necklace is copper with handdone matte enamel and gold leaf with turquoise bead and gold plated chain. Bracelet is gold plated chain and tuquoise bead.


#2 green neckace- necklace is copper with handdone green enamel and gold foil with copper chain and dangle- Amber, turquise, glass bead and enamel copper headpin. Dangle on sword has enamelled copper headpins with glass beads and turquoise beads.

Spirit Seeker Statuary with Jewelry

  • •Your new statuary is made of steel which has been rusted then sealed. 

    Size- 13.5"h x 11.5"w x 2"d

    • Suitable for inside or outside undercover. Not to be exposed to the elements (snow or water) as it may affect the copper and gold foil.

    ​​​​​​​• Statuaries are one-sided

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