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Jon WATTO Watson of The Metal Gardener LLC, weaves a tale in metal of a clan of indigenous peoples who live and work together to survive everyday in the beautiful, scorchingly hot desert.*

Each piece is carefully crafted in WATTO’s workshop in Tucson, AZ.  The works of art, are made of steel then rusted and sealed. They can be enjoyed outside in the garden, or featured in an indoor wall nook. WATTO hand stamps his name on every piece.

*not based on historical fact or any specific tribes. They are inspired by worldwide Petroglyphs as well legends of the Southwest.

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Need a custom size?

If you need a special size sculpture to fit a wall nook or space inside or out, we can make a size for you that will work. Currently, we are only doing custom sizes and not new custom designs.

Just fill out the form below with your name, email, phone and details of what you are looking for. 


Thanks for submitting!

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