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  • What type of metal is used?
    We use a base metal/steel, either cold rolled or hot rolled steel. Some of the accents are created using copper.
  • Are the items sealed?
    Yes! The items are made of steel, then they are rusted and sealed with a satin clear coat.
  • Can the items go outside?
    Yes! The items are made of steel, then rusted and sealed with a satin clear coat. If you hang them on a wall, they should not run rust down your wall. You may want to re-seal the piece every 6 months to a year if you are hanging on a wall you want to protect. You can use a satin spray clear coat that you can get at the hardware store. Some items with more elaborate jewelry would do better on a porch with an overhang on inside. There are never any guarantees with weather as extreme heat and cold weather including harsh sun, snow or salty water near the ocean may cause damage if the piece is subjected to it for long periods of time. We have sold to people all over the country in the US and Canada, however, nothing is fool proof in weather including car paint or building paint.
  • What is enamel?
    Some of our pieces have enamel decoration. Enamels are created using a glass powder that is sprinkled on the copper, then heated with a torch or heated in a kiln where the glass then melts onto the copper and becomes glossy and hard. It's a multi-step time-consuming process.
  • Who makes the artwork?
    Jon "WATTO" Watson is the main artist behind the works. He designs each piece and transforms them into metal. His wife, Mary Spencer, then adds jewelry or creates enamel accessories to add an extra special touch. Mary also handles the website, emails and shipping.
  • Is the email ***(*** from The Metal Gardener?
    Yes! You can contact Jon at ***(***, but you will likely get a quicker answer if you email Mary at ***(*** because Jon is usually out in his workshop working away.
  • Does Jon make any other type of metal work?
    Yes, we also have a website called WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear wear we sell metal belt buckles, accessories and ornaments. You can find those items on our website or on our Etsy site
  • Do you ship?
    We have no problem shipping the smaller items up to about 15" and the flat wall art up to 24". Please note that items are very heavy and shipping can be very expensive. We are still in the process of learning how to ship larger items. Please be patient as we figure this out. For larger items, pickups are welcome in you live in Arizona and are willing to come to Tucson.
  • My Package or Product Arrived Damage, What Should I Do?"
    Our postal services try their best to deliver packages in a timely and careful manner, but occasionaly accidents happen. If your package arrives and the box looks beat up, please do the following: 1. immediately take a picture before you open the package 2. Once the package is open, take another picture before taking the product out of the package 3. Take a picture of the damage done to the product 4. Take a picture of the shipping label on the package 5. Email us as soon as possible with the above information so we can put in a claim Thank you for your help on this. The more visual information we can give the postal service, the more easily, quickly and likely we will get the issue resolved.


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